New Product Introduction

BNZ is introducing a new line of patented insulating castables for use within the Petrochemical Industry. This castable can be fast fired at 200°F/HR without holds and completely eliminates Alkaline Hydrolysis in Fired Heaters.

For additional details please view the PDF from the link below.

Blazelite 200 AR  is a new abrasion resistant castable for use in the catalyst transfer lines and riser lines in the FCCU Industry.  Intermediate density of 116 pcf with a unique bonding system provides best in class abrasion loss and 40% reduction in heat flow compared to similar density competitive products.

For additional details please view the PDF from the link below.

BNZ Materials is a world leading manufacturer of specialty industrial insulation materials with over 16 types of Insulating FireBricks available for use in applications from 2000°F to 3200°F to meet the specific needs of a variety of industries.

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BNZ Materials, originally organized by former Manville Corporation (JM) executives in December of 1987, today has expanded and is international in scope.  In addition to operating the two former Johns-Manville (JM) plants located in Billerica, Massachusetts and Zelienople, Pennsylvania, BNZ also operates an Insulating Firebrick Plant in Plemet, France.

BNZ Materials, Inc., USA insulating fire brick plant, is a global supplier manufacturing what were originally known as JM insulating brick. Since the purchase of the insulation brick plant, the JM insulation brick are now called BNZ insulating brick. The same high quality IFB are produced at the original JM plant. Most other companies claiming to have JM insulating brick (imports) are using the JM trade name only, not the manufacturing process. Don’t be fooled.

BNZ manufactures Insulating Fire Brick and refractory specialties at the world’s most advanced IFB plant located in Zelienople, PA. Over sixteen types of Insulating Fire Brick are available for use in applications from 2000°F to 3200°F to meet the specific needs of a variety of industries. In addition to our insulating brick plant, our calcium silicate insulation has been manufactured continuously at our BNZ Billerica, Massachusetts plant, formally JM, for more than 60 years.

With 60+ years of production experience, BNZ Materials is a world leader manufacturing a complete line of insulating products to handle all your high temperature heat containment needs. No matter what your industry, BNZ has the products for you.


  • Petrochemical
  • Electrical
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Ceramics


  • Manufacturing
  • Ovens
  • Furnace
  • Marine
  • Fire protection
  • And more


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