BNZ Materials is a global supplier of refractories and structural insulating boards with many applications.

The company was originally founded by former Manville Corporation executives in 1987 and has continued to grow since that time, expanding to an international scope as one of the highest quality insulating materials providers around the world.  With three different manufacturing factories around the world, including a factory in France, BNZ Materials is one of the leading suppliers around the world for refractory materials.

Our high quality insulation materials have been able to separate us from the pack in regard to quality when compared to other price competitive materials on the market.  Our excellent range of different product offerings make us a popular choice among individuals in a wide range of different industries including petrochemical, electrical, aluminum, steel, glass, ceramics, and any other industry that uses a furnace or kiln to produce their materials.  If your application requires heat containment, BNZ has a product for you.  Our ability to provide the greatest range of products that ensures our customers that they are not only safe, but will have a great looking solution that provides a lot of utility to their business.  Here at BNZ Materials, we ensure that each and every piece of material that we provide has been accurately inspected in order to provide it is of the highest quality.   BNZ is ISO 9001 certified and we test all materials to ASTM standards.

Some of the different industries that currently use our materials as a way to ensure high quality heat containment include;

●      Petrochemical

●      Electrical

●      Aluminum

●      Steel

●      Glass

●      Ceramics

We have been able to create a corporate environment that helps us to strive for excellence and provide the highest level of quality products to our clients.  We are always looking for ways in which we can improve our products within specific industries and help your business grow naturally over time.

Needs Based on Industry

Because we offer a wide range of different products and are able to serve a wide variety of different industries, it is of the utmost importance that we take the specific needs of the business into consideration when we are recommending a product or helping to custom fabricate a product.  Depending upon the temperatures of a furnace or kiln, we offer a variety of different products.  The same can be said for the type of materials that will be contained inside of the furnace or kiln, with different products being specifically designed to deal with certain types of materials and chemicals.  A wide variety of different reactions can happen depending upon the chemical that will be contained within the furnace, and it is of the utmost importance that these businesses are able to locate the perfect insulating firebrick and other refractories for their purposes.

With several different lines of high quality insulating aggregates and materials available, we are able to provide a high quality range of options that are custom designed for specific uses.  We ensure that each refractory that we offer has a specific pore structure that allows for minimal risk of potential problems or damage to the furnace or kiln.

Because of our excellent track record and high levels of customer service, we have helped employers around the world to create a safer, fine-tuned production method that helps not only the business as a whole, but their employees as well.

Here at BNZ Materials, we take great pride in our ability to help a wide range of different businesses in dozens of different industries to create the highest quality of products possible.