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Refractories and Your Business – Why It’s Important To Make the Right Choice

There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when you are looking at purchasing refractories for your business. If your business utilizes an industrial kiln or furnace, the choosing of your refractories are going to be a very important part of the process that will determine the level of quality that your furnace or kiln is able to provide. There are so many things that need to be taken into account throughout the process, including the types of material that you are looking for in a refractory, types of chemicals the materials will be exposed to and the amount of money that you are looking to spend in the process. Take your time, evaluate all of the options that we provide here at BNZ Materials Inc., and determine which of our products is going to be the best one for you based on a variety of different conditions. What Are Refractories? Refractories are a material that are typically nonmetallic, heat resistant and are used in a variety of different applications including furnaces and reactors. They are typically used in units that produce a large amount of heat that would otherwise warp or damage other materials. They are able to stand up to the stress of day-to-day usage and many of our products are able to stand up to chemical corrosion as well. Refractories are necessary for any heating application that is going to go above 1000°F. Many of our products are actually able to stand temperatures well above that level, making them appropriate for a wide range of different applications. The actual term refractory refers to a number of different characteristics. The composition of a given refractory will determine exactly what temperatures [...]

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A Closer Look At Insulating Aggregates For your Business

Here at BNZ Materials, we strive to provide the best available products on the market, especially when it comes to insulating firebrick and insulating aggregates. High quality insulating aggregates are formed by crushing large slabs of low-density insulating materials. The pulverization process is completed with special equipment that is designed for producing this type of material. There are many things that need to be taken into account when you are examining insulating aggregates in order to ensure that you receive all of the benefits that your company requires. Some of the advantages of our insulating aggregates that you may find to be to your benefit include; Applications There are many different types of applications that our insulating aggregates can be used alongside. For instance, it is often utilized as a raw material for manufacturing insulating castables. It is also utilized as a loose fill for insulating irregular spaces where other types of refractories may not fit. It is also commonly utilized as a hot topping compound for covering steel hot tops and risers in ferrous foundries. A Wide Selection We ensure that each and every style of insulating aggregate has been tested to provide the utmost quality. We offer a wide range of different insulating aggregates that are available in a range of different chemical compositions. This means that our insulating aggregates are going to be appropriate for different temperature functions and different applications depending upon your business. They are also available in several different gradations, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of different applications. An Economic Choice One of the reasons why many businesses decide to utilize our high quality insulating aggregates is the fact that it is truly an economical [...]

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5 Ways BNZ Can Save Your Business Money

Here at BNZ Materials, INC. one of our priorities is to ensure we are saving your company money by providing high-quality refractory materials that improve your bottom line. There are numerous ways in which our products can save companies money in the long-term allowing us to help businesses expand.  Not only do our products provide high quality energy savings, but they also allow us to reduce downtime and reduce repair and maintenance cost for your business.  Because each of the services that we offer are guaranteed to be mistake free, our excellent customer service representatives can help to walk you through the process of saving your company money and improving your bottom line. Energy Savings Does your commercial furnace or kiln leak precious heat, resulting in more energy loss than you are willing to put up with?  Because our materials help protect you from energy loss, our ability to offer high quality energy savings has been one of the draws to our company.  These savings make it easy for us to ensure that we are able to benefit our clients in ways other than simply offering a high quality material.  The structure of each of our refractories is custom put together, ensuring that we are able to reduce heat loss.  Energy savings is one of the many reasons why individuals should be interested in the refractories, calcium silicate insulation, and other products that are offered by BNZ Materials, INC. Downtime Our installation is fast and simple.  Because we can work with any dimensions for refractories and other insulating products, we are able to make assembly of your furnace or kiln as quick as possible.  Reducing downtime is one of our main concerns and we aim [...]

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The Benefits of Insulating and Finishing Cement

Although insulating cement seems to be one of the most popular and most used insulating refractories, it has not received a wealth of attention in recent years.  Insulating cement can be an excellent product for a wide range of different uses, providing a number of different benefits to businesses of all types.  If you are interested in insulating cement, it is paramount that you understand all of the different benefits and uses that the product brings to the table.  Many people may choose to go for other types of refractories, when insulating cement may be the most reasonably priced and most practical option available to them. Take your time, evaluate all of the options that you have available to you, and determine whether or not insulating cement is going to be the best option for your situation.  Take all of the different benefits into account when evaluating different refractories in order to ensure that you find the material that is going to provide you with all of the benefits that you need. Insulates and Seals Insulating cement is an excellent product for kilns and furnaces, as well as a host of other applications.  Insulating cement is often used for arches because of its ability to be easily molded to the shape that is required, providing an effective seal.  The insulating and sealing abilities of insulating cement has made it a popular product for us over the years, helping us to serve hundreds of different clients to get the refractory benefits that they require for their project. Insulating cement is often used as a backup to other refractories as well, ensuring that you have the utmost protection and never risk heat loss and shell damage.  With [...]

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Understanding Refractories and Making the Right Choices For Your Business

Are you considering investing in refractories for your business but would like to learn more about them before making the investment?  Investing in refractories is a huge investment for any business, and you need to make sure that you are able to make smart, educated decisions by seeking out expert advice from a team of highly professional individuals that can help walk you through the different options you have available, in order to find the one that makes the most sense. Refractories are materials that are non-metallic, heat resistant and are most often used in the linings of furnaces, reactors, and other units that produce a large amount of heat.  Refractories have to be able to stand up to the stress that will be placed on them in a day-to-day basis, and withstand corrosion by chemical agents as well.  Depending upon what you will be using the refractories for, and the application of the materials, there may be different requirements that your company may have in order to get the right materials.  Refractories are necessary for heating applications that will get anywhere above 1000°F.  Refractories are generally much better at this than metal materials that businesses had used in the past. The term ‘refractories’ refers to a broad spectrum of different materials that have the characteristics previously referred to.  They also must be able to provide the containment of substances at those high temperatures as well.  The composition of a specific type of refractory material will depend upon how it is going to be used.  Each refractory material may be different, and take on a wide variety of different shapes depending upon the number of different factors. Typically, refractories are going to be one of [...]

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Insulating Fire Bricks Provide Energy Savings

Insulating Firebrick Products BNZ Materials manufactures a range of specialty industrial insulation for petrochemical, electrical, aluminum, steel, ovens, glass, furnace, ceramics, fire protection and other industries. Here at BNZ Materials, Inc. we pride ourselves in our ability to provide the best insulating fire brick (IFB) offering the only full range of grades manufactured in the USA.  Over the course of the last few years insulating fire bricks have become increasingly popular over other materials and continue to be a staple of our brand.  Here at BNZ Materials, Inc. we produce more than ten different grades of insulation bricks.  Our grades of bricks are manufactured ranging from 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit to 3,200 degrees Fahrenheit, using only the highest quality raw materials to ensure that we are able to deliver the highest quality fire bricks. Of all of the grades we produce, each type is designed to meet very specific thermal and physical requirements, which allows users to choose the exact grade for the application in which they will be using the insulation bricks.  Our IFB are crafted using high purity refractory clays and other raw materials to ensure that we are only delivering the highest quality refractory.  BNZ is a worldwide supplier of industrial insulations. Insulating fire bricks by BNZ provide a number of different benefits over the other available options.  They are an excellent at insulator providing accurate dimensions, abrasion resistance and have a high level of purity among other benefits.  Take the following benefits into consideration when choosing materials for your construction; Excellent Insulation Our BNZ insulating fire bricks provide excellent insulation.  The lightweight materials used in manufacturing a BNZ IFB are ideal for thinner furnace walls while increasing efficiency and lowering operating costs.  [...]

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