Insulating & Finishing Cement

BNZ Materials Marinite Insulating and Finishing Cements are air-setting materials, mixed with water and applied in plastic form. They are designed for application to irregular surfaces where it is impractical to cut and apply pipe, block or other insulating products.

In addition to providing a pleasing, smooth surface appearance, BNZ cements fill voids and seal against heat losses. These strongly adhering insulations offer a hard surface which can be painted or weather-proofed if service temperatures are appropriate.

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Typical Applications

Selected types of BNZ Insulating and Finishing

Cements can be utilized for:

Insulating and Sealing.
For kiln and furnace refractory crowns and domes, and flat suspended arches. Insulation of small steel pipe fittings.

For warped steel furnace shells prior to installing refractories. Finish coat over block insulation.

For damaged block and pipe insulation.

Irregular Fill.
For areas in refractory backup insulation where other types of insulation would be difficult to apply.


Easy to Use.
Mix with water and apply with trowel or shovel.

Reduce Inventory.
Ideal for plant maintenance inventory to reduce number of items used for small jobs.

Reduce Construction Costs.
Eliminate field cutting of block insulations for insulating irregular areas.

Available Types

508 Insulating Cement.
An 1800°F service product, utilized in the refractory applications requiring a combination of insulating value and high temperature performance.
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460 Insulating Cement.
A 1600°F product, provided in higher density than 508 Insulating Cement. 460 Cement can be applied in heavy layers. It is frequently used as the principal covering on pipe sizes smaller than 4″, then covered with a finish of 375 Finishing Cement.
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375 Finishing Cement.
A one coat finish which hardens to a smooth, crack-free surface in a few hours. This surface may then be painted with a water-base paint. Recommended for insulating small steel pipe fittings and as a finish over nonabsorptive insulating surfaces or under very slowdrying conditions. Service temperature limit is 1400°F.
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375-L Insulating Cement.
Used specifically in the aluminum industry as a filler material and trough liner, 375-L Insulating Cement is a 1500°F product
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The physical and chemical properties of BNZ’s Insulating and Finishing Cements represent typical average values obtained in accordance with accepted test methods and are subject to normal manufacturing variations. They are supplied as a technical service and are subject to change without notice.

Type Cement

Properties 508 460 375 375-L
Temp. Limit, °F 1800 1600 1400 1500
Coverage per 100 lbs, applied & dried, bd ft 55 43 30 29
Mixing Water Required,
approx., U.S. qt/100 lbs dry material   100 100 56 48
Color Grey/Tan Grey  White White 



BNZ Insulating and Finishing Cements can meet the requirements of the following specifications when specified on the order. Certificates of compliance can be provided if requested on the order also.

Type Cement          Specifications


                           Federal SS-C-160A, Type IV, ASTM C 196


                           Federal SS-C-160A, Type III, Grade U
ASTM C 195, Type III, Grade U, U.S.C.G. 164.009/167/0


                           Federal SS-C-160A, Type III, Grade F
ASTM C 449, Type III, Grade F, U.S.C.G. 164.009/166/0

Standard Size Bags: 50 lbs


BNZ Materials warrants that its products are manufactured in accordance with its applicable material specifications and are free from defects in workmanship and materials using BNZ’s specifications as a standard. Every claim under this warranty shall be deemed waived unless in writing and received by BNZ within thirty (30) days of the date the defect was discovered and within one (1) year of the date of the shipment of the product.