BNZ Materials, Inc.  started on January 1, 1988 when manufacturing  plants owned by the  Manville Corporation (JM) were purchased  by former officers of Manville.   BNZ became an international company in 1999 when  it acquired a facility in Plemet,  France.

BNZ’s plant in North Billerica, MA produces high quality calcium silicate and portland cement based structural panels that are suitable for isolating heat up to 2000°F  in many industrial and commercial applications.

BNZ’s plant in Zelienople, PA is a supplier of insulating firebrick to industrial users around the globe.   BNZ produces the highest quality IFB for containing heat up to 3200° F

BNZ operates a refractory products distribution center for the European market in Plemet France.

With many decades  of production experience, BNZ Materials is an innovative leader in the refractories industry,  manufacturing a complete line of insulating products to handle an assortment of high temperature heat containment needs.