Insulating Firebrick Products

BNZ Materials manufactures a range of specialty industrial insulation for petrochemical, electrical, aluminum, steel, ovens, glass, furnace, ceramics, fire protection and other industries.

Here at BNZ Materials, Inc. we pride ourselves in our ability to provide the best insulating fire brick (IFB) offering the only full range of grades manufactured in the USA.  Over the course of the last few years insulating fire bricks have become increasingly popular over other materials and continue to be a staple of our brand.  Here at BNZ Materials, Inc. we produce more than ten different grades of insulation bricks.  Our grades of bricks are manufactured ranging from 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit to 3,200 degrees Fahrenheit, using only the highest quality raw materials to ensure that we are able to deliver the highest quality fire bricks.

Of all of the grades we produce, each type is designed to meet very specific thermal and physical requirements, which allows users to choose the exact grade for the application in which they will be using the insulation bricks.  Our IFB are crafted using high purity refractory clays and other raw materials to ensure that we are only delivering the highest quality refractory.  BNZ is a worldwide supplier of industrial insulations.

Insulating fire bricks by BNZ provide a number of different benefits over the other available options.  They are an excellent at insulator providing accurate dimensions, abrasion resistance and have a high level of purity among other benefits.  Take the following benefits into consideration when choosing materials for your construction;

Excellent Insulation

Our BNZ insulating fire bricks provide excellent insulation.  The lightweight materials used in manufacturing a BNZ IFB are ideal for thinner furnace walls while increasing efficiency and lowering operating costs.  Our IFB are ideal for lowering energy costs associated with the application in which they are used.

Strong Firebricks

BNZ insulating fire bricks, while light weight, are also known for their strength when compared to other materials that are commonly used.  Because of their strength, BNZ IFB are excellent for self-supporting structures, even at the highest temperature levels, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that no damage comes as a result.

Low Heat Storage

Another benefit of BNZ IFB is very low heat storage.  Low heat storage provides a number of benefits including the ability to heat up a furnace much more quickly which will lower fuel costs.  This is especially true when dealing with cyclically operated heating equipment.  If rapid heating is something that your business needs, BNZ IFB provides the quickest heating available with lower heat storage when compared to alternative materials.

Accurate Dimensions

One of the larger benefits of insulating fire bricks from BNZ is the fact that our fire bricks are very precise in regards to size and dimensions offering very tight tolerances.  Because of these tight tolerances you’ll be able to lay brick courses quicker while lowering the amount of mortar used, reducing downtime and labor costs. Another benefit to BNZ’s tolerances is a tight lining and less heat loss through joints.  A tight lining lowers fuel costs.

High Purity

Each and every BNZ insulating fire brick is crafted to have the highest levels of purity containing low levels of impurities such as iron.  When insulating fire bricks are manufactured with impurities it can lead to low refractory performance in a wide variety of applications.  For this reason, we ensure that each and every IFB that BNZ produces goes through rigorous ASTM testing to ensure the utmost quality.

Any Size, Any Shape

BNZ has been able to stand out from other companies within this industry by ensuring that we offer our insulating fire bricks in as many sizes and shapes as possible opening up a wide range of applications where our IFB can be used.  Since our bricks are machine-cut, our measurements are precise, ensuring tight joints that leak as little heat as possible.  This results in the fastest heating for furnaces, and lower operating costs.

BNZ is able to produce IFB up to 24” x 9” x 3” in our Zelie Jumbo series.  By reducing the size limitations for our products, we are able to greatly expand our client base and offer a wide range of different sized bricks for many applications.

BNZ IFB’s are also available in specially cemented and machined shapes.  Sizes and shapes are never an obstacle for BNZ.  Within our plant we have a highly skilled labor force which we use to craft precise shapes to match the exact description of any shape you require.  In the end, reducing limitations means that we are going to offer insulating fire brick for applications which result in fewer joints, less heat loss, and better operating costs overall.


With over 10 different grades of insulating fire brick available, each crafted to work with a different range of temperatures, we have the IFB for your application.  Do not hesitate to get into contact with us and let our expertly trained staff help you to choose the right IFB for you and your company.

If you are looking for the highest standard in quality for your furnace and heating applications, consider BNZ’s domestically produced high quality insulated fire bricks which can be customized and specially designed to provide you with an energy saving, quality insulated brick that is suitable for the highest of temperatures.