BNZ Materials is a worldwide supplier of refractories and structural insulating boards.  The company was first put together by the executives of the Manville Corporation in December 1987.  Since that time, the company has continued to rapidly expand, increasing their operating zones, and becoming international.  In addition to the plants that are operated in Billerica, Massachusetts, and Zelienople, Pennsylvania, the company also currently operates a insulated firebrick plan that is located in Plemet, France.  The company offers a number of different materials and proprietary blends that make their insulating firebrick the best on the market.  With many years of experience in the business, the company has been able to rapidly expand their product lines covering a wide range of different furnace and kiln types, ensuring that our clients have access to the best products available today.

Dedication to Choice

Our company is dedicated to providing a wide range of different choices to our clients.  Our most popular product, our insulating firebrick, contains 13 different types that are currently available.  These different products range in usage available for temperatures between 2000°F, and 3200°F.  Each of the different types is formulated to meet specific thermal and physical requirements for certain specific uses.  They are machined to have very precise tolerances, and work in very specific situations, depending upon the industry.  Each of our different firebricks are made from high purity refractory clays, and other raw materials.  Additionally, organic filler is added to our firebricks to ensure that we have uniform control over the pore structure of the brick.

With more than 13 different types of insulating firebrick available, this displays a good representation of our company’s commitment to providing the best possible products, and a wide range of lines available to help companies to find the perfect insulating materials for their application.  Our 13 different lines of firebrick make it easy for individuals to ensure that they are able to find the perfect firebrick for the application that they require.

Controlled Pore Structure

Each of our products avoids impurities by ensuring that we use only the highest quality raw materials.  Our controlled pore structure ensures that we are able to provide an excellent insulation for a wide variety of different applications and gives us complete control over the insulating quality.  The controlled pore structure helps to ensure that our products continue to work as advertised, with high insulation values, which is not typically seen with imported insulating bricks.

Excellent Customer Service

BNZ Materials Is also known for our high-powered customer service.  Going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we provide the best possible customer service to our clients is the main focus of our business day in and day out. Our excellent customer service allows us to meet the needs of each of our clients, going above and beyond the call of duty to provide customer service that surpasses that of our competitors.  With emergency services available, we can help to ensure that your business experiences as little downtime as possible during serious repairs, and help us to get our clients business back up and running with as little financial damage as possible.  BNZ Materials knows that the best way that we can serve our clients is to ensure that we offer the highest level of customer service available, helping companies to reduce construction costs.

Expanded Locations

Since 1987, BNZ Materials has continued to expand our operations, providing a number of specialty products and materials, from a wide range of different locations.  Our first locations were available in Zelienople, PA, and Billerica, MA.  These two locations were the first that the company produced their insulated firebrick and structural insulation from.  The Pennsylvania plant creates insulating firebrick for applications between 2000°F and 3200°F.  They are formulated to meet specific requirements.  BNZ Materials also produces insulating firebrick out of a plant located in Plemet, France, playing a key role in our international operations.  Additionally, the company corporate headquarters are located in Littleton, Colorado allowing us to have a central location in which to expand our coverage throughout the United States.