BNZ Products – Dedicated to Quality

BNZ Materials is a company that’s known for its high quality products.  Responsible for manufacturing as a worldwide supplier of a range of specialty industrial materials and installations, our products have been put through rigorous testing to ensure that we only supply the highest quality of special industrial installations.  Having been in the business for more than 60 years manufacturing materials at our Billerica, Massachusetts, and Zelienople, Pennsylvania  plants we have been able to gain a level of expertise that puts us above and beyond the competition.  Not only do we offer our calcium silicate product line, but we also offer the highest quality of insulation firebrick and other refractory materials at our extremely advanced manufacturing plant.  Here at BNZ Materials, we always go above and beyond the expectations to ensure that we deliver a high-quality product that our customers will love.

Insulating Firebrick

The BNZ Insulated Firebrick comes in 13 different types of insulated firebrick for use in applications between 2000°F and 3200°F.  Each of our 13 different types of insulated firebrick is specially formulated for use and has specific requirements, both thermal and physical.  We also machine each of our different types to very precise tolerances, ensuring that our clients only get the highest quality of insulated firebrick available.

Our insulating firebrick is made from high quality refractory clays, as well as other raw materials. Each piece is carefully inspected and graded, containing graded organic filler which is burned out during manufacturing for excellent pore structure.  As a worldwide supplier of insulating firebrick, we supply refractory materials to thousands of different businesses located all around the world.  We offer a range of different installations and refractories, ensuring that our clients are able to find a very specific solution to their issues.

Structural Insulation

In 1947, the development of structural insulating panels first began utilizing corrugated paperboard.   Since that time, the usage of structural insulation has continued to grow rapidly. Structural insulation provides a number of different benefits that make it an excellent choice for property owners around the world.

To start, structural insulation offers excellent shock resistance, and stability, especially when compared to other types of insulation.  There is very little moisture content and structural insulation provided by BNZ Materials, making it an excellent form of insulation, helping to protect against intensity.  The stability of our structural insulation is one of the reasons why our product lines have been able to grow so rapidly over the years.

Our products also offer low thermal conductivity as well.  Utilizing our patented tobermorite crysalline structure, we provide reliable levels of thermal conductivity that provides an excellent benefit for all.  If one of your biggest goals is to ensure that you save money on energy, our structural insulation and its low thermal conductivity provides an excellent option.  Our structural insulation is able to help businesses to greatly reduce their energy costs.

Additionally, our calcium silicate insulation is excellent at combining highly compressive and flexible strength to provide a high level of structural strength for your building.  This structural strength is able to be maintained through elevated temperatures, making our calcium silicate insulation an excellent choice for ovens and furnaces, helping to reduce heat loss and prevent the localized hotspots.  It provides an excellent level of temperature control, making it ideal for a wide range of different applications.

Our structural insulation is also incombustible and will not burn, making it ideal for fire protection.  If you are looking to ensure that your building has the best fire protection available, our structural insulation goes above and beyond that of our competition, providing peace of mind and reliability when you need it most.  Our Marinite product was put together specifically for this purpose, developed to isolate and prevent the spread of fires aboard ships and in buildings, providing maximum fire protection.

Utilizing our non-asbestos calcium silicate structural installations, which are able to utilize high strength and excellent thermal insulation characteristics, making them appropriate for a wide range of different uses.  Our structural insulation is adept at heat processing, provides excellent fire protection, and is also commonly used in electrical resistance applications.  Utilizing a tobermorite cystalline structure, it provides some of the best thermal shock resistance.  Our materials are such high quality, that they are standardly used material in many of the fire training burn rooms across the United States.  The structural insulation is excellent at resisting temperatures all the way up to 2000°F.  It is a unique material that has helped us to rapidly grow our customer base, and meet the needs of clients situated all around the world.  As a worldwide supplier of structural insulation, our dedication to supplying only the highest level of quality has influenced our company for providing the highest level of quality structural insulation.