BNZ Materials is a company that prides themselves on their ability to deliver the highest quality solutions to businesses that are in need.  When examining the different options that are available to you as far as insulation goes for your kiln or furnace there are many things that need to be taken into account to ensure that you receive the highest quality materials.  The more time and effort that you put into evaluating the options that you have available the better of a chance you will have of being successful.  BNZ Materials goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we are providing only the highest quality materials.  We have spent years putting together a range of different products that help businesses to better their business practices.  If you are interested in improving your industrial furnace, kiln or any high temperature containment needs look no further than the range of excellent products that are provided by our company.

Highest Quality Insulating Firebrick

Here at BNZ Materials, we provide the highest level of quality aggregates, castables and fire bricks.  We have been putting together a wide range of different product lines over the course of the past few decades, ensuring that we are able to provide materials that will suit a wide range of different applications.  Perhaps our largest offering and most popular item is our insulating firebrick, which is appropriate for a wide variety of different applications.  Our insulating firebrick can serve multiple purposes for you, and work in conjunction with a wide range of other refractory materials.  By examining our different lines of insulating firebrick, you can gain a deeper understanding of how it could potentially help you and your company.

Our insulating firebrick lines and products are typically used in applications between 1500°F and 3200°F.  Each of the different grades that we offer is formulated to meet a number of different thermal and physical requirements, depending upon the application that they would be used in. Our refractory products are made from a wide variety of different purity refractory clays and other raw materials, helping us to ensure that we are able to meet a wide range of different specifications.  We supply a wide range of products to individuals all around the world, helping businesses improve their heat containment for petrochemical, electrical, steel, ovens, aluminum, glass, and all furnace applications.

High Quality Structural Insulation

We also provide a number of different non-asbestos calcium silicate structural installations that help to provide high quality strength and excellent thermal insulation characteristics for use in a variety of different applications.  Our structural insulation is utilized in many applications including fire protection, and electrical resistance.  In addition to these industries, our wide range of different products that we offer have made us a popular attraction perfect for refractories that are utilized in the petrochemical, electrical, steel, ovens, glass, furnaces, ceramics, and aluminum applications.  Depending on your use, we offer a range of different boards including Marinite A, Marinite C and Transite HT and 1000.

60 Years of Experience

Here at BNZ Materials we offer more than 60 years of experience overall.  This has helped us to not only refine our products but to ensure that our products are able to outlast all the competitive products.  The more time and effort that we put into our products, the more satisfied our customers become.  This has helped us to rapidly grow our product lines, and help our customers to feel at ease when utilizing our products.  If you are interested in the services we provide, you can contact us today, and our representatives can help to devise a custom solution for your application.

Worldwide Clients

Since opening our doors 60 years ago, the company has been able to rapidly grow over time. We have a wide range of different worldwide clients, helping us to become one of the leading companies in the production of refractory materials including insulating firebrick, castable, insulating aggregates and calcium silicate boards.  Our goal is to ensure that each and every one of our clients receives a custom solution that is tailored to their application, giving them the best possible results in further establishing BNZ Materials as a leader within the industry.